2017 Schedule of Events

 Howlers & Yawpers Creativity Symposium Seminole State College

Thursday, April 27, 2017

8:15-8:20 Welcome & Opening Remarks
8:20-8:50 Kelly Kirk, Cultural Presentation, “Exploring the World – Global Studies at SSC,” Seminole State College (retired)
8:50-9:05 Jim Wilson, Fiction, “Lord Greystoke,” Seminole State College
9:05-9:15 William Gaines, Drums, “Drum Cover of Skillet,” Seminole State College Student
9:15-9:30 BREAK
9:30-9:45 Robert Herman Broyles, Poetry, “Breaking Bread – a Trilogy,” The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation & University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
9:45-10:00 Jack C. Hays, Dramatic Performance, Shawnee
10:00-10:15 Kelli McBride, Fiction, “Short Story Selections,” Seminole State College
10:15-10:30 Terri L. Cummings, Poetry, “An Element Apart,” Oklahoma Voices – OKC
10:30-10:45 John M. Yozzo, Poetry, “Poems of Love & Death: What Else Is There of Life?” Tulsa & East Central University (retired)
10:45-11:00 BREAK
11:00-11:20 Richard Dixon, Poetry, “Rehab and Other Poems,” Oklahoma City
11:20-11:40 Robert Hanson, Adult Contemporary Music, “15 Minutes of Tame,” Seminole State College Student
11:40-12:00 John Bolander, Dramatic Performance, Seminole State College
12:00-12:30 Tony Tiger, Art Presentation
12:30 CLOSE

Friday, April 28, 2017

8:15-8:20 Welcome & Opening Remarks
8:20-8:50 Jonathan Isaacs, Saxophone & Guitar, Seminole State College
8:50-9:00 BREAK
9:00-9:15 Ken Hada, Poetry, “Bring an Extry Mule,” East Central University
9:15-9:30 Sly Alley, Poetry, “Poems from Stong Medicine & New Work,” Seminole State College graduate
9:30-9:50 Morgan Meredith, Indie Music, “Denaska,” Shawnee
9:50-10:00 BREAK


Selections from a Porcelain doll

Brent Newsom, James Vernon, Rebecca Ballinger, Jennifer Watson, Oklahoma Baptist University

11:00-11:20 Heather L. Levy, Fiction, “Novel Excerpt from Walking through Needles,” Oklahoma City University Red Earth MFA
11:20-11:50 Angela Church, Art Demonstration: Printmaking, Seminole State College
11:50-12:00 BREAK
12:00-12:15 Ron Wallace, Poetry, “A Game of Catch & Other Poems,” Southeastern Oklahoma State University
12:15-12:30 Todd Fuller, Poetry, “American Cannibalism,” University of Oklahoma
12:30-1:30 Permanent Issue, SSC’s Travelling Band, Seminole State College
1:30 CLOSE